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These are the pictures of our trip to Ireland in 2011.


IMASI 8080

I sold this in March 2014. Sorry to see it go but hope it has a good home.

IMASI 8080

Comes complete with all manuals and original software.

This item is vintage. Minimal testing has been done. They are not offered as perfect, as they are up to 35 years old. Early microcomputers were known to have faults and require technical knowledge to repair or operate properly. 

You are free to ask questions.

IMG_0103.jpg IMG_0073.jpg IMG_0079.jpg IMG_0070.jpg IMG_0062.jpg IMG_0075.jpg IMG_0091.jpg IMG_0077.jpg


This is my diving trip to the Bahamas aboard Blackbeard’s Cruises.

20030624-084440.jpg 20030622-135408.jpg 20030626-141642.jpg 20030626-104810.jpg 20030622-190856.jpg 20030623-085318.jpg 20030624-211236.jpg 20030624-121220.jpg

1966 Mustang

This is the 1966 Mustang and Brian and myself rebuilt.

After.jpg P5140092-1.JPG P5140089-1.JPG P5140076-1.JPG P5140090-1.JPG P5140083-1.JPG P5140075-1.JPG P5140077-1.JPG